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Welcome, to my site. Even though it is called HeavyMace, I only have a Nerf© Mace. I do have a few swords, and some chainmail armor. I'll include some pics of the weapons and armor. Plus, I'll update my library of books, and a forum for some input from my readers.

Sword Collection

It is not much of a collection, but I have picked up a few blades along the way. Some items that I got from friends and family, flea markets, and even a shopping mall. I am still looking for an actual mace, a horseman's hammer, or even a pole-arm of any type to add to my collection. When I do finally add one to my collection, it will be posted, as soon as possible.

Personal Library

I love to read.

I accumulated several books. I posted a database that will take me forever to be updated. If you're curious please take a look.


I have a passion for open source hardware and software. When I see an interesting post, I'll update the site with a link and comment.